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t zone vibration machine and global tv toronto broadcast  Actions...
Posted: by alana10 on Tue. 20 Mar., 2012 at 11:54:18 PM
I am wondering if anyone has tried this machine. Global Toronto 5:30 news featured something on Monday on 5:30 news but missed it. Did anyone catch it and was it a positive or negative review?

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Posted: by Carol_cp on Wed. 21 Mar., 2012 at 5:16:27 AM
In reply to: alana10 "t zone vibration machine and global tv toronto broadcast"
I see that you asked this same question exactly one year ago.There were some responses.

I checked the Global TV website and didn't see anything there.I don't know where you live so I only checked the local Toronto site.You could check your local Global website.When was the last time you did some research on the internet?Maybe there is some new information.

Have you done anything in the last year to improve your situation? I see that the machine is around $2000. You would be better off to join a gym or the Y and get a routine set up for you.Even if you only did that 3 times a week for 30 minutes,you would see a difference.Add a strict routine of eating a well-balanced diet and you will see results.A great source for that is Leslie Beck.She's Canadian and has a good website with lots of food advice.

edited Wed. 21 Mar., 2012 @ 5:37:01 AM by Carol_cp
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T-Zone Vibration  Actions...
Posted: by bood on Mon. 2 Apr., 2012 at 3:19:05 PM
In reply to: Carol_cp "Reply"
We have a T-Zone vibration machine and love it, me and my husband have both lost weight with it. They posted the review on their website


I think it is a few posts down now. It was a really good review.  At the end they said you have to do exercises on it though and it isn't true, I started off just standing and now I do simple stuff on it but nothing crazy.

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