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better late than never  Actions...
Posted: by RN_74 on Sat. 28 Jul., 2012 at 12:30:44 PM
So sorry for my tardiness, but I am FINALLY getting around to posting my June CHAIR, and it is almost time for July results! Think you will have to consider this my contribution for both monthsEmbarassed I have finished all my sewing projects for grandbaby...due date is now less than 2 weeks away! Had all the photos on my iPad, was trying to figure out how to get them onto my desktop and then onto this forum. Hope I've done it right...here goes......

NOPESad I got them from my iPad into my Dropbox files, but each attempt to post says the file is too large. I have used smaller image size each attempt, but still no luck. Also, I have quite a few photos, and it looks like I would have to post them one at a time this way. Does anyone have any ideas? TIA

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when I post pics  Actions...
Posted: by deezee on Sat. 28 Jul., 2012 at 2:16:07 PM
In reply to: RN_74 "better late than never"
I resize my pictures first on my computer and then download the smaller images.  I resize to a width of 350 and then the length resizes accordingly - you then save them as the smaller size to download.  Hope this helps.  I know there's a way while you load the pic's but I don't know how.

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