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Day 3  Actions...
Posted: by wyliesharon on Wed. 22 Sep., 2010 at 9:54:53 AM
Day 3 with patch on and off to work.Maybe a bit of a challenge today because 2 of my smoking co-workers are in. I'm a hairstylist and usually slip out in between clients on out back deck.I'll go out but I do not intend to smoke.
   Mom, have a great smoke free day!!

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wyliesharon be careful  Actions...
Posted: by kit on Wed. 22 Sep., 2010 at 10:00:42 AM
In reply to: wyliesharon "Day 3"

when you go out with your co-workers stand so the wind doesn't blow the smoke toward you. 

Mom how are you doing? 

Sending good vibes your way.

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Thanks Kit...  Actions...
Posted: by _mom_ on Wed. 22 Sep., 2010 at 12:47:43 PM
In reply to: kit "wyliesharon be careful"

I must admit I was a little miserable lasst night, but I live alone, so I was only miserable to myself!  The cats don't really give a !@#%! 

Great day so far today, not being a daytime smoker.  Tonight is chorus, and I usually go outside at break with the 3 other smokers, but I've been busy working on costumes, so at break I'll be busy with fittings, etc.  And when I come home, I'll just spend a little time catching up online, not surfing and smoking for a few hours!   I must say I'm getting a little more sleep....this nighthawk lifestyle will probably change a bit.  (no more 'o.k.  just one more cigarette, then I'm going to bed')!

Wyliesharon, you're a brave soul going out with the smokers between clients.  I'd be staying pretty far away from them! 

Good luck...will check in again!

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