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food & recipes
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What are you cooking tonight / this weekend?  Actions...
Posted: by lisab on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 4:14:08 PM
I made a tossed Tuscan style salad from the Chatelaine recipe archives and might make this tonight:


It's really hot here, so veggies work perfectly for me - no cooking and healthy.


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tonight  Actions...
Posted: by Koda on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 4:26:21 PM
In reply to: lisab "What are you cooking tonight / this weekend?"
we're having smokies on the bbq, my husband is going to the football game with my son & his buddies, lol! I should've suggested Costco Confused, oh well. 

Tomorrow, don't know yet, Sunday (my husband's b'day) it will be beer can chicken on the bbq along with some salads, my daughter can bring dessert. I'm just hoping this sunny weather will stick around.

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...  Actions...
Posted: by Artemis on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 4:34:55 PM
In reply to: lisab "What are you cooking tonight / this weekend?"
We're not at "really hot" yet but we do finally have some sunshine, so I'll be making some of my summer staples. Probably a dip/spread or two -- I have some red peppers so I think I'll make some muhammara (a Lebanese red pepper & walnut dip), and either a hummus or my favourite sunflower seed spread. I also have a package of tortellini in the fridge, so if I remember to buy a granny smiths I'll make my curried pasta salad. (thanks for the reminder ... adding "granny smith" to shopping list now ...)

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Leftovers - yay!  Actions...
Posted: by Whimsey on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 4:53:22 PM
In reply to: lisab "What are you cooking tonight / this weekend?"
Made a new recipe last night for Mediterranean Orzo Salad that was really good.  We'll have that plus coleslaw, ribs and chicken - all from yesterday.  Just starting a heat wave here so I'm going to have to get busy and do some hot weather meal planning - haven't really had to do any so far this summer.

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dinner  Actions...
Posted: by Jarita on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 6:51:02 PM
In reply to: Whimsey "Leftovers - yay!"
Just starting a heat wave here too Whimsey!  It's July 6th & I turned on the a/c for the first time!!!!!   It's nice inside so I'm making this:  http://godofscrumprecipes.tumblr.com/post/21100317594/spaghetti-in-garlic-gravy-with-herbs-and-lemon 

I don't have any fresh parmesan so will have to use a different cheese.  Not sure what I'll make the rest of the weekend.  The Mediterranean salad looks good!

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our menu  Actions...
Posted: by flowerpot on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 4:58:36 PM
In reply to: lisab "What are you cooking tonight / this weekend?"
Leftover roast tonight.
 My 2 oldest GDs are coming for a sleepover Saturday night so a wiener roast is on the menu.
Sunday will be something cool.  We're in for a 30* week so I don't plan on cooking much.

Happy Birthday to Mr Koda!

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Thanks  Actions...
Posted: by Koda on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 5:25:03 PM
In reply to: flowerpot "our menu"
Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. — Simone Weil

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Tonight, nothing  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 6:01:54 PM
In reply to: lisab "What are you cooking tonight / this weekend?"
DD's gone to a show in Toronto and DH is golfing (what a nut - in this heat) and won't be home til around 7:30.  This heat has pretty much wiped out my appetite so if DH is hungry when he gets home, we'll order something from the Middle Eastern place nearby and share a late bite.  But right now, iced Perrier (and I never like cold drinks) is filling the bill.

Tomorrow, I think I'll make flank steak (the last one I made was so luscious and did for 2 dinners and a lunch, which was nice) with a big salad and maybe more roasted vegetables.

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Tonight  Actions...
Posted: by cayer on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 6:14:48 PM
In reply to: lisab "What are you cooking tonight / this weekend?"
We are gouing for a late dinner with friends to their favourite restaurant.  Its a Italian bistro.  This weekend we will be BBQuing something and I am thinking a rotisserie chicken at some point.  dh is golfing tomorow with a bunch of hockey buddies (in this heat!)' so it will likely be something quick.  I do plan on making a couple of salads that we can much on during this hot spell.

Marsha, how do you prepare your grilled vegetables?  I'll be at the Farmer's market tomorrow and have lots of vegetables to choose from and would love to know.  I sometimes grill them, but am curious to know what you use as a marinade.  Also, do you grill them directly on the grill or use a BBQ grill pan?

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Cayer, I generally do them in the oven  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 10:42:13 PM
In reply to: cayer "Tonight"
so they're not truly "grilled" though if I have room on the bbq, I will sometimes do them in my "bbq wok" thing, but then you lose the marinade.

I quarter Roma tomatoes (3 to 4), cut 4 zucchini in half and then cut the halves into slices, cut into chunks 2 yellow, green or red peppers and cut a large red onion into wedges. I make a marinade of 2 Tb balsamic vinegar, 2 Tb olive oil, 2 to 3 minced garlic cloves and a tsp or so of thyme (right how, I have fresh, so I throw on a lot of that).  I toss the whole thing together in a large bowl and then transfer to a foiled lined baking sheet (or my really big Pampered Chef stoneware roaster - skip the foil in that case) and put it into a hot oven (400 to 425 degrees) til the vegetables look nice and starting to brown around the edges - usually 40 to 50 min.  I love having a large amount on hand for adding to salads, using in panini or wraps, etc., as well as using as a side dish (I'll toss a bit of goat cheese onto the amount we're having at the moment as a side dish...it's a very yummy addition)

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Thanks Marsha!  Actions...
Posted: by cayer on Sat. 7 Jul., 2012 at 5:11:27 PM
In reply to: Marsha "Cayer, I generally do them in the oven"
I was afraid you'd say they were done in the oven ... LOL

I use a similar marinade or I sometimes cheat and simply marinate in Kraft Italian Salad dressing (one of two store-bought dressings I always on hand).  DH doesthem in the wok thingie and they are very good.  I was trying to see if you were doing something else.

I usually do mushrooms, peppers, zucchini and red or vidalia (when available) onion. We also grill asparagus when in season.  I never thought to add tomatoes.  I remember that your family are not fond of fungus, which we love here.

Thank you for your response.

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Since most of the time, it's just me and DH  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Sat. 7 Jul., 2012 at 5:20:01 PM
In reply to: cayer "Thanks Marsha!"
the fungus issue is no longer an issue (although, wouldn't you know it, DD's boyfriend, an amazing cook, hates mushrooms too).  The reason I don't put mushrooms in is that they just give off too much liquid and I like it when the veggies are sort of "dry" with the marinade sort of caramelized on the surface.  Oh, with the tomatoes, I scoop out the seeds/liquid before adding them, for the same reason.  

I often grill asparagus (and have lost more than my share of spears through the grates in the taking on/taking off/turning over process).  I like our bbq wok (got a really nice replacement one last year at Lee Valley - it has a removable handle so you can close the lid easily and also, the handle doesn't heat up) but if I'm cooking for more than 3 or 4 of us, I find it takes up a lot of room on the grill so in that sense too, I prefer using the oven (even in this heat, if I can muster the energy to prep everything, bunging it all into the oven and then going to sit near the cool isn't so bad)

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Grilling Asparagus and other vegetables  Actions...
Posted: by cayer on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 8:43:49 AM
In reply to: Marsha "Since most of the time, it's just me and DH"

Hi Marsha!

I don't have a problem with losing asparagus through the grates since we have a BBQ tray with holes in it (looks like the wok thingy but is flat like a cookie sheet and has a rim on three sides). We have had it for years and DH cooks lots of stuff on this one, fish, asparagus, chicken wings.  I've been looking on-line to find something similar to post, with no luck. As I said, we've had it for years (20+ I am sure) and its great for those ackward to BBQ foods.

I can see the mushrooms being a problem in the oven, but they are great on the BBQ.

DH loves his new BBQ so much, he's actually researching recipes on-line and in my BBQ recipe book collection.  Wonder how long that will last ... lol

Hope the weather has cooled down in your area a bit. It certainly has here and the evenings and nights are much cooler this week.


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I have one of those tray things too  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 9:06:35 AM
In reply to: cayer "Grilling Asparagus and other vegetables"
actually, I think I have 2 (an older one that is sort of "painted/enamelled" and a newer one that is stainless steel) but I find they take up so much room on the grill that if I'm cooking for a crowd, it just doesn't leave me enough room for the meat/main stuff that I'm grilling.

Weird that it's so hard to find a picture, as they're not too hard to find in the stores but I looked too and the closest I could find was this:

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Okay....found one like mine  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 9:09:35 AM
In reply to: Marsha "I have one of those tray things too"
At the "Grill Pro" site (they're the company that Home Depot carries and they have a lot of bbq stuff, obviously).  I didn't get mine there - I got it at Linens and Things quite a few years ago.  If you click the link and then scroll along to the "stainless steel grill topper", that's basically what I have but it takes up about half the grill space.

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Wow, that first one was huge  Actions...
Posted: by cayer on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 9:27:09 AM
In reply to: Marsha "Okay....found one like mine"

Yes, that is similar to the one we have, but ours doesn't have ridges in it. We really like it and use it so much.  We also have the pan type, which DH likes to use when he stir-fries shrimp and vegetables. We don't have the actual wok-type.

I often use our tray to BBQ leftover potatoes or cooked potatoes that I slice up thickly, and coat with seasoned oil or just plain olive oil and seasonings (the one you posted here before comes to mind, but I can't remember the name of it) or others.  They are delicious ...

I'll look for one of these with the ridges and also for a larger BBQ spatula for him.  He doesn't like using BBQ utensils very much (finds them large and ackward and prefers using my kitchen ones), but this new BBQ has cast iron grills and I think a nice wide spatula would work beautifully.


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Mine hasn't got ridges either  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 11:15:53 AM
In reply to: cayer "Wow, that first one was huge"
If you're looking at the right one (#91318 at the top of the photo), you'll see it has holes but not ridges.  To be honest, I prefer putting items right on the grill - I like the grill marks and things seem to caramelize or crisp up better than they do in a basket or on a pan sort of device.  A few years ago, in the interest of being able to flip salmon so it would cook more quickly and brown on both sides without falling apart during the flipping process (I have a big bbq spatula but essentially, I am a klutz at these things), I bought a snazzy basket that is "self adjusting" so you can put 2 things of different thicknesses in it.  Well, it's a great idea except that it has a handle, so it's tricky trying to close the lid (I keep meaning to get DH to rig up something that will keep the lid open maybe an inch or 2) and also it was a total nightmare to clean afterward so I've rarely used it and resort to making a dog's breakfast of it all or hoping for the best with the big spatula.  It is similar to this one only mine isn't black and the handle within the metal frame is wooden (this one looks to be some sort of plastic, I think).

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Lid holder  Actions...
Posted: by cayer on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 11:55:49 AM
In reply to: Marsha "Mine hasn't got ridges either"

This is what DH has to keep the lid opened.  We ended up having to order on-line and DH ordered one for his Dad. 

There are so many BBQ gadgets out there, it would be hard to keep up.  And then, do you really need them?


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Cayer, I've seen those before  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 12:11:54 PM
In reply to: cayer "Lid holder"
I'm not sure if it's from searching online or if I actually saw one in a store but that's exactly the sort of thing I need.  I keep thinking there must be something - some household bit of stuff - that would fit into this sort of "notch" thing on the side of the bbq and hold it open (with all the tools and stuff DH has, I'd think we'd have something).  I'll have to show him this and see what he thinks. Were you able to order in Canada or did you have to order from the US?

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The local distributor was out of stock  Actions...
Posted: by cayer on Tue. 10 Jul., 2012 at 12:42:54 PM
In reply to: Marsha "Cayer, I've seen those before"

and was not expecting to order again soon, so we had to order from the US.

You'll need to make sure it fits your BBQ.  I seem to remember DH telling me that someone had one and it didn't fit.

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