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Yogurt in cake recipes  Actions...
Posted: by Fanster on Fri. 20 Jul., 2012 at 10:55:16 AM

Last night I made an easy Zucchini cake recipe from Food and Wine website.

It called for 1/2 cup of yogurt.  I let it bake for the alloted time and checked it with a knife, and the knife was clean so cake is done.  After cooling and slicing, I notice that its not nice and dry but looks too moist inside.  This isn't the first time this has happened to me.  Although I know the yogurt makes it moist, but it should be dry.

When you eat it, it doesn't look cooked.  Real soggy.

Does anyone have this problem when baking with yogurt. I've made other recipes using yogurt and the result seems the same. 

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Nope, not at all  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Fri. 20 Jul., 2012 at 12:36:20 PM
In reply to: Fanster "Yogurt in cake recipes"
I've got several cake recipes that use yogurt - most notably a blueberry yogurt pound  cake - and I've never had this problem at all.

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I think it was underbaked  Actions...
Posted: by a.doll on Fri. 20 Jul., 2012 at 1:24:34 PM
In reply to: Fanster "Yogurt in cake recipes"

Could be your oven temperature?

Yogurt is excellent in baking as is sour milk.

Was your zucchini extremely drained?  I will grate my zucchini and then squeeze it in a thick layer of paper towel or cheesecloth first.



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I recently made  Actions...
Posted: by Freebird2 on Fri. 20 Jul., 2012 at 2:00:32 PM
In reply to: Fanster "Yogurt in cake recipes"

a muffin recipe that uses yogurt and I didn't have a problem. However, if memory serves, it did take longer than what the recipe called for. It’s possible that the difference can be the temperature of our refrigerators.




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Happens to me  Actions...
Posted: by Lemoncello on Fri. 20 Jul., 2012 at 10:57:43 PM
In reply to: Fanster "Yogurt in cake recipes"
Sadly this happens to me but its not the yogurt.  I am not sure if its the convection or the temp of my oven (repair guy blames the convection but not sure I do) .  I now make small loaves and avoid this problem.  A large dense cake never works out for me, the centre is raw.

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If you turn off the convection, do you still have this problem?  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Sat. 21 Jul., 2012 at 8:14:21 AM
In reply to: Lemoncello "Happens to me"
Lemoncello, if you turn off the convection feature, do you still have this problem? I know convection shouldn't be used for certain items (apparently things like angel food cakes) but if it's turned off is your baking okay?

Sometimes, it can have to do with the type of pan used - glass vs metal vs disposable foil.  I wonder if that could be an issue and, as you say, oven temp (at school, we frequently use separate oven thermometers to check the oven temps and the students this year learned that in one of the kitchens, they had to set the oven 25 degrees higher and in another, 25 degrees lower than the recipes called for.

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