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Jackie Stallone (Sylvester's mom)  Actions...
Posted: by _temp_ on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 6:59:09 AM
at age 90

Jackie Stallone

Not your average 90-year-old: The astrologer slipped into a short black skirt, plunging blouse and platforms as it turns out this was a mix-up and this woman is not Jackie Stallone jackie stallone mix-up so I wonder just how old this woman is

edited Sat. 18 Aug., 2012 @ 9:05:23 AM by _temp_
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Well.....my goodness  Actions...
Posted: by Bambi on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 8:14:55 AM
In reply to: _temp_ "Jackie Stallone (Sylvester's mom)"

The face is kind of freaky.  Hose on the legs is doing wonders for them.  Outfit looks pretty.  Wig is a good one.  Cosmetic surgery has been extensive but not too damaging.  Botoxed lips are a tad too much.

The best thing for her though is that she's got all her marbles and likes to shop.  Comparing this with my 91 year old mother in a Home makes me so sad that my mother has lost it all !

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oh my  Actions...
Posted: by Koda on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 9:28:31 AM
In reply to: _temp_ "Jackie Stallone (Sylvester's mom)"

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. — Simone Weil

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ewwwww!!!!!  Actions...
Posted: by Dyzee_ on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 3:18:48 PM
In reply to: Koda "oh my"
My mother is 92 - she looks good for her age but she does not look freaky. This is disgusting!

Edited to add: I just Googled and came up with this link: Jackie Stallone - the above picture is great compared to some on this site.

edited Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 @ 3:21:17 PM by Dyzee_
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Oh double yuk, I wish I had not gone to that site!!  Actions...
Posted: by Mary_in_TO on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 8:30:57 PM
In reply to: Dyzee_ "ewwwww!!!!!"

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The creepiest thing of all is her ears!  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 10:39:16 PM
In reply to: Dyzee_ "ewwwww!!!!!"
I recall years ago seeing pics of her with just black lines for eyebrows (I guess she didn't have any at all and hadn't learned the subtleties of how to pencil them in).  Her mouth is pretty grotesque but the weirdest thing of all, IMO, is her ears and ear-lobes.  Take a look at them at that site - looks like a bit of "cauliflower ear" combined with really stretched out lobes.  Weird.  

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My Thoughts  Actions...
Posted: by Bonita_again_ on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 3:53:53 PM
In reply to: _temp_ "Jackie Stallone (Sylvester's mom)"
Apart from the fact that she's had too many cosmetic procedures I think it's great.  Good for her!!

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why it's called present.

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Great that she's alive and kicking but....  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 4:19:30 PM
In reply to: _temp_ "Jackie Stallone (Sylvester's mom)"
I'm sorry - that is just mutton dressed as...well, somewhat younger looking mutton...

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Oh yuk!!  Actions...
Posted: by Mary_in_TO on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 8:14:22 PM
In reply to: _temp_ "Jackie Stallone (Sylvester's mom)"
She looks horrible, like a walking manikin.

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oh lord...  Actions...
Posted: by sue_43 on Sat. 18 Aug., 2012 at 11:12:57 AM
In reply to: Mary_in_TO "Oh yuk!!"
WAY too much surgery/botox...i cant believe anyone would think she looked good.

  personally i think she's dressing too young & it just makes her look desperate.
maybe shes taking HGH like her son, i wouldnt doubt it.

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it's actually NOT Jackie Stallone  Actions...
Posted: by _temp_ on Sun. 19 Aug., 2012 at 10:18:30 AM
In reply to: sue_43 "oh lord..."
the media got duped
so this woman still looks bad but I have no idea how old she is

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...........  Actions...
Posted: by green_sleeves on Sun. 19 Aug., 2012 at 2:40:13 PM
In reply to: _temp_ "it's actually NOT Jackie Stallone"
where did you get your information from? Every site I have googled about Sylvester Stalone's mother shows the same face. Or something quite similar.
Editing to correct- the woman at the red carpet premier for The Expendables was not her but looks very similar
This is her on her web page but the picture is obviously a shot from years ago if she is 90 years old now.
But who can trust what is put out there on the internet when photos can be altered to make anyone odd or nicer looking that real life.
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No need to explain: your friends don't require it and your enemies won't believe you anyway.Grin

edited Sun. 19 Aug., 2012 @ 3:00:08 PM by green_sleeves
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I orginally saw it on Access Hollywood  Actions...
Posted: by _temp_ on Sun. 19 Aug., 2012 at 3:57:28 PM
In reply to: green_sleeves "..........."
and they are the ones to fess up

Hollywood Mom Mix-up

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lol...  Actions...
Posted: by sue_43 on Sun. 19 Aug., 2012 at 11:34:52 PM
In reply to: _temp_ "I orginally saw it on Access Hollywood"
thanks for posting this....well, dont know who she was but she sure got people talking.

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