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Lovely  Actions...
Posted: by tigsw_tigsw on Sun. 3 Jun., 2012 at 1:36:06 PM
In reply to: MMV "Second time around"
that spells Happy...smiles



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a smile...  Actions...
Posted: by MMV on Mon. 4 Jun., 2012 at 12:38:10 PM
In reply to: tigsw_tigsw "Lovely"

right back at you!  :)

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Happy Anniversary!  Actions...
Posted: by flowerpot on Sun. 3 Jun., 2012 at 9:09:43 PM
In reply to: MMV "Second time around"
  Sounds like your wedding day was very special, just as you dreamed of.
Happy 1st anniversary, MMV!

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I wrote to you earlier...  Actions...
Posted: by MMV on Mon. 4 Jun., 2012 at 5:25:04 PM
In reply to: flowerpot "Happy Anniversary!"
but I don't see my reply.  I wanted to thank you for your kind wishes. Much appreciated!!!

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I typed it all up and it disappeared.  Actions...
Posted: by Tag on Sun. 3 Jun., 2012 at 12:54:32 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How much money did you spend on your wedding?"
I'll give it another shot. Our's cost about $1000 in 1962. Hubs and I paid it all. We had 75 guests. No Children. We were married in our church at 9 in the evening. We shared the cost of the church flowers with another bride who married in the afternoon. ($25.) I wore my SIL's dress which I loved. Hubs got a new suit which I loved. Our only attendants were my best friend (matron of honour), my 4 yr old niece, Hubs best friend was best man and two ushers.
Our reception was held in my Aunt's recroom. I made a big mistake and I don't know why others didn't mention it. I had the chef from the Barracks serve a ham dinner. It was way too much food for that time of night and there really wasn't enough seating to be comfortable. The next time I will have finger food and rent a nice banquet room. We had an open bar and paid to have a professional bar tender.
We stayed in a city hotel the first night and then went to a cottage on Lake Erie. $25. wk.


Meandering To A Different Drummer


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It was 46 years ago  Actions...
Posted: by Mary_in_TO on Mon. 4 Jun., 2012 at 9:55:58 AM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How much money did you spend on your wedding?"
so my memory is sketchy, but we all had a good time! It was a church wedding, my mother made my dress which I designed based on a 1930 evening gown, the reception was at a restaurant and we had about 100 guests. and an open bar, the only thing I would have changed is having coloured photos of the event. At the time it was about $2.000.00 my mother had saved up for this event.

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...  Actions...
Posted: by dreamer16 on Mon. 4 Jun., 2012 at 2:46:33 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How much money did you spend on your wedding?"
I paid for my own wedding, and it was done cheaply, but not that well.  I hadn't been to any weddings before, except for a garden wedding and one in a church basement, so I didn't have anything to compare to when it came to mine.  I was the first one of my friends and family to get married (in my age group).

I only had 50 guests and the dinner/reception was in a banquet hall.  The meal was just the standard sit down meal that they had back then at the cheaper level.  It was a free bar, and there was wine at each table.

If I had to do it over again, I'd cut the guest list to immediate family and close friends, and book a room in a really nice restaurant and have everyone choose what they want from the main menu.  I wouldn't worry about flowers, and all that extra stuff.  I'd just do candid photography.  And I'd concentrate more on the actual day than on the pomp and trying to keep everyone happy with how things are done.  

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 "Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behaviour does."  (unknown)

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."  George S. Patton

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