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landline  Actions...
Posted: by flowerpot on Mon. 30 Jul., 2012 at 10:10:33 PM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"
Like others here, our cell phones are for emergencies and personal use.  Only a chosen few know our numbers.  The other day my niece sent out a request for donations for her "Cancer Fore the Cure" golf tournament.  You could donate online and then print off a receipt.  I figured I'd do it that way until a note on the page asking for information said that Revenue Canada wants/needs my cell number, along with my address, etc.  What?  Not in my life time will I willingly give RC my cell #.  So I told my niece I'd send a cheque.


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ours is for emergencies  Actions...
Posted: by itsmeagain on Tue. 31 Jul., 2012 at 11:00:34 AM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"

I honestly believe if there was a natural disaster the cell phone towers would be taken out and the power would be gone but our old standby plug in phone would work. 

Our landline is connected to our internet / cable.  I called at Christmas and said we were thinking of ditching it because of the cost and they took it down to $12 a month, which is reasonable.

We also prefer the long distance rate (for those rare calls to Rogers in Toronto) on the landline rather than cell phone.

Please forgive the typos . . . spell check doesn't seem to work for me!

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power outage  Actions...
Posted: by sueabc on Tue. 31 Jul., 2012 at 7:14:33 PM
In reply to: itsmeagain "ours is for emergencies"
Don't know what natural disaster you're thinking of, but with out last power outage (29 hours), no land lines worked.  Cell phones were good though.  I remember several years prior, when we had a longer power outage, I didn't have a cell phone and I was alone with kids as dh was out of town.  Didn't bother me not to have a working phone, but a neighbour insisted I borrow her cell phone as she could share her husband's.

edited Tue. 31 Jul., 2012 @ 7:24:49 PM by sueabc
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keeping it  Actions...
Posted: by a.doll on Tue. 31 Jul., 2012 at 4:48:23 PM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"

for a couple of reasons ~ we have frequent power outages where I live and often the cells aren't charged up and the portable phones don't work when the power is out.  I'm keeping our old reliable phone plugged into the wall in the garage for these reasons.

I really miss those old rotary phones.  I think they look really neat and I love the sound of the old phones ringing.


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My son for the fun of it  Actions...
Posted: by tigsw_tigsw on Tue. 31 Jul., 2012 at 9:14:24 PM
In reply to: a.doll "keeping it"
still has a working rotary dial phone. It is red and cream LOL.



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I don't have a cell phone  Actions...
Posted: by MsGinny on Tue. 31 Jul., 2012 at 9:55:08 PM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"

Just a land line. I don't really need a cell. I don't need to be immediately available to everyone/anyone. They can leave a message on call answer if they need me.  Besides the expense of having one.

If I were to give into having one, it would likely be a senior phone (read cheap) for emergencies.

That being said, while being out and about, a cell would have come in handy a few times. Calling someone from the increasingly rare phone booth is expensive.  Bell cards never seem to co-operate for me.

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yes  Actions...
Posted: by ABmom99 on Wed. 1 Aug., 2012 at 4:03:37 PM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"
we still have landline. Its kind of a 'business' number for dh as minister in our small community.  Its the smallest of our phone bills. 20 years ago we had no internet or cellphones--- what we spend now to just keep in touch is frustrating. Now our phone bill (land) is about $60/month - includes long distance/call display & fax # bundle. And, we have 3 cell phones (dh, myself & ds) + internet bills which add up even more Weeping- probably another $200+/monthly.  This means 4 separate phone numbers - and the contracts on the cells go for another 2 years before we can change that without penalty as we're on a 3 year plan. Maybe eventually we can cancel one number and switch house number to a cell phone as I know you can now do so.  A friend of mine sends her landline # to her cell phone when she's not home - call forwarding? so she can take either cell/landline calls from her cell - that may be an eventual solution.

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I have a landline but  Actions...
Posted: by _temp_ on Wed. 1 Aug., 2012 at 6:47:54 PM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"
am thinking about getting rid of it
the problem is when I have to call my bank or anywhere I have to give my private information I prefer a landline over a cellphone
that is the only reason I have it

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I Don't Get  Actions...
Posted: by Queen_B on Thu. 2 Aug., 2012 at 12:14:48 PM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"
telemarketing calls since I switched to a phone line with my ISP, even though I have the same phone number. I found out that the phone company was selling my number to telemarketing companies, even though they were also charging me extra for an unpublished number.

I do get the occasional survey, but I don't mind those.

Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter.

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I would  Actions...
Posted: by FigureEight on Sat. 4 Aug., 2012 at 10:53:58 AM
In reply to: Sarah__Chatelaine "Home phone line"

never drop a landline phone over a cell phone because of 911/emergency services.  On a landline phone they would automatically know where I was without a word being spoken, but that is not true of cell phones.

IMO, those who have young children at home should keep that in mind before dumping their landline phones.





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not with newer phones  Actions...
Posted: by green_sleeves on Sat. 4 Aug., 2012 at 3:04:50 PM
In reply to: FigureEight "I would"
technology has changed quite a bit. Now it is safer to be with a cell when out than not. For using a cell just for that purpose one can get a small pay as you go one for $10 a month. Who knows when your car will break down- odds are it sure won't be beside a phone booth LOL. 
But I've mentioned as you have, young families or people who spend a lot of time at home have no reason to drop their landline. Or folks who make hour long calls, cell phones aren't meant for that type of lifestyle.
Most families have the best of two worlds anyway- mom, dad & older kids usually have a cell with them so they can be reached for whatever reason.
I don't feel like people can get a hold of me wherever or whenever when we are out. We can silence or turn them off. At home it is the same. Just because someone calls doesn't mean I have to charge over to grab the phone. No matter where I am or using a landline or a cell- being in proximity to one would make me immediately available to everyone/anyone.
But it is my choice whether or not to answer the phone.
I am not a slave to any type of communication.


No need to explain: your friends don't require it and your enemies won't believe you anyway.Grin

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there's an app for that  Actions...
Posted: by Pookie3 on Sat. 4 Aug., 2012 at 3:06:00 PM
In reply to: FigureEight "I would"
If you have a smart phone with GPS,  911 can find you.  We were playing with our iphone GPS and it even showed that we were in the back of our house.

We are seriously considering getting rid of our land line when our current phone contract expires.  My sons and my brothers only have cell phones.  The only ones who call our land line is my parents and the Duct Cleaners.  We call each other on our cells to avoid long distance charges.

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You  Actions...
Posted: by FigureEight on Sat. 4 Aug., 2012 at 3:29:40 PM
In reply to: Pookie3 "there's an app for that"

can get a lot of things if you are willing to pay for it.

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