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When do you know it's time to end a friendship?  Actions...
Posted: by Chatelaine_Team on Wed. 27 Jun., 2012 at 5:04:24 PM
How do you end it?  Do you think it's okay to use social media for this purpose?

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.....  Actions...
Posted: by green_sleeves on Thu. 28 Jun., 2012 at 2:21:46 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "When do you know it's time to end a friendship?"
not something I have ever agonized over to tell you the truth. Friends come and go for a myriad of reasons. IMO the simplest knowing 'when to to end' is when there is no friendship to hold on to. 
In this techie age- using social media sites such as Facebook to let another human being know you want nothing more 3to do with them is cowardly so if I had to pick any choice given in the article it would be #1 or2 depending on the circumstance.


No need to explain: your friends don't require it and your enemies won't believe you anyway.Grin

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it's never  Actions...
Posted: by Koda on Thu. 28 Jun., 2012 at 4:05:54 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "When do you know it's time to end a friendship?"
okay to use social media for anything private & personnel, think that a lot of people have learned their lessons. 

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. — Simone Weil

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Ended friendships  Actions...
Posted: by 88straight on Wed. 29 Aug., 2012 at 8:14:55 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "When do you know it's time to end a friendship?"

I lived in a community for many years. When I moved away  I stayed in touch with friends there. We visited back and forth occasionally. I'm good at staying in touch with people. It gradually got a bit one-sided, that is, I was the one always  initiating  contact, mainly e-mails to see how people were. Then my parents got quite sick at the same time & I was getting divorced too. All my friends had met my parents numerous times, they weren't faceless names to them,  but I didn't hear from anyone even once while all this was going on and they all knew about my circumstances.  All I wanted was an e-mail asking "How's it going?"  I didn't expect anything more than that.  So I did option #1 and let it fade. I jettisoned the works, quit bothering to contact anyone in my former city of residence and have heard nothing from anyone there since.  I'm slightly bitter as I considered these people very good friends but when it came down to it I guess I didn't mean much to them.  I wonder if they have even noticed my lack of contact? Out of sight out of mind? No one's so busy they can't take a minute to send a short email asking how things are.



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I can relate....and I think also  Actions...
Posted: by krissie on Thu. 30 Aug., 2012 at 4:35:47 PM
In reply to: 88straight "Ended friendships"
that some feel if they don't 'need' you for anything then they might as well forget about you.

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Maybe that's it.  Actions...
Posted: by 88straight on Fri. 31 Aug., 2012 at 12:24:37 PM
In reply to: krissie "I can relate....and I think also"
Who wants "friends" with attitude like that then. It's just that I valued the friendships & had been supportive to them when they had events like losing parents, illnesses, etc. Oh well. C'est la vie.  People come & go in one's life. 

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