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Toronto directions  Actions...
Posted: by hollywho on Sat. 30 Jun., 2012 at 7:03:41 AM
I am trying to find out how long it would take to walk from Toronto Union Station to the Toronto Ferry dock (9 Queens Quay).  I have tried mapquest but it keeps coming up with weird places. 

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Posted: by Carol_cp on Sun. 1 Jul., 2012 at 3:36:40 AM
In reply to: hollywho "Toronto directions"
I prefer to use google maps.

If you use that,you will find from Union Starion,Toronto to the Ferry Docks,Toronto,is about 1.2 KM. So then,it would depend how fast you walk.

Take a moment to use google maps and check it out for yourself.

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Why Walk?  Actions...
Posted: by dolphingirl on Mon. 2 Jul., 2012 at 7:54:40 PM
In reply to: hollywho "Toronto directions"
You don't have to walk you can take the street car and it will take you right to the ferry docks. We did this last weekend and we got an extra special treat....an old fashion street car from 1952 was running on the line and it brought back so many memories. If the line up are really long at the ferry docks take a water taxi. It's a lot faster to get across.

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Posted: by wyliesharon on Thu. 5 Jul., 2012 at 7:23:50 AM
In reply to: hollywho "Toronto directions"
It would probably take 15 minutes max. Or as suggested you can hop on the streetcar which is 4-5 mins. It always has long lineups and is always packed in the summer so I prefer to walk.

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...  Actions...
Posted: by Artemis on Fri. 20 Jul., 2012 at 1:54:40 PM
In reply to: wyliesharon "Reply"

But it's an underground streetcar! I don't know why I think that's so cool, but it is. I have done the walk, but it's not a particularly pleasant one IMO. So I usually take the underground streetcar, just for the novelty factor.

Mind you, I never go to TO in the summer, only spring or fall, so that would make a difference crowd-wise.

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