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Calling back question  Actions...
Posted: by ABmom99 on Thu. 28 Jun., 2012 at 12:35:07 PM

17 yr old ds is now looking for summer job. He's had a couple interviews, waiting to hear on them. One is a guaranteed job but not his 'choice',  the other he's really hoping to get at an electronics type of store.  He had an 'on the spot' interview there when he took in his resume & felt quite positive.  Advice I've heard/read is to call back. Who does he ask for (doesn't have names)? & just what should he say?

I've read this kind of advice numerous times, but honestly its been 'general' call back, what should I tell ds on how to approach the call?



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Important lesson - get the names!  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Thu. 28 Jun., 2012 at 4:28:39 PM
In reply to: ABmom99 "Calling back question"
An important lesson for your son is to get the name/names of the person/people interviewing him.  Everyone likes to be called by their name so a "Thank you, Mr. Sutton, for taking the time to see me" will put him a level or 2 above a lot of other 17 year olds.

But in this circumstance, he can just call back and ask for the manager.  He should explain that he was interviewed for XYZ job last Friday (or whenever) and was just calling back to check if a decision has been made because that is the place he really wants to work.  DH's cousin has a very large landscaping company and hires quite a few summer students.  The ones he hires are the ones who keep calling him back to see if he's made a decision, if he's hired yet and if he's still hiring.  He jokes that he says to them "Okay, I'll give you the job just so you'll stop bugging me" but his real rationale is that the kids who take the time to check back with him week after week are the ones who REALLY want the job and will work hard to keep the job.  So if you son worries that he'll be "bugging" them and they won't give him the job for that reason, he need not worry.

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thanks!  Actions...
Posted: by ABmom99 on Fri. 29 Jun., 2012 at 5:03:21 PM
In reply to: Marsha "Important lesson - get the names!"
Ds hates using the phone. He'd rather text or be face-to-face. So... this morning I took him back to place he wants to work & talked to them again... they'll call him for interview next week. In the meantime, he starts the other job Tuesday - orientation, he's not excited about it, but does see it as a job - so will keep his options open. (working deli at a big grocery/dept. type store - won't name names). Deli vs electronics..... for him its a no-brainer...

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