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Anyone have any computer work ideas?  Actions...
Posted: by DonnaD on Tue. 7 Aug., 2012 at 9:02:40 AM
While I'm in the slow opening stages of my consignment boutique, and it could go on being slow...I just don't know...I thought it would be great to try and bring in extra money proofreading or editing or similar online/computer work. I have the skills...just not sure how to get started without getting ripped off. So many of those work-at-home ads seem to involve handing over money for a 'how to' manual rather than work itself. Should I try advertising on Craigslist - any ideas for or experiences with legitimate computer/online work?


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Bookkeeping  Actions...
Posted: by jjaycee on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 9:04:36 AM
In reply to: DonnaD "Anyone have any computer work ideas?"
Always small businesses looking for someone to do the numbers.


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not really, but  Actions...
Posted: by rusel on Fri. 17 Aug., 2012 at 11:01:23 AM
In reply to: DonnaD "Anyone have any computer work ideas?"
Has your consignment store been getting lots of exposure? We had two open up last year in the neighbourhood and they seem to be thriving.  One is very fussy about what they take in, has to be excellent condition, in style etc. etc. They've also done a lot of community work.  For example they held a sale at our community centre and offered 20% of the profit to the centre. It was a win-win. We always need extra money, and of course it was excellent advertising for the store, not to mention she made sales she might otherwise not have.  I see this owner is doing the same with the local school; holding a show at the parents meeting and giving some money to the school.   Both the stores had great articles in the local paper too.  Sorry, no idea about on-line work, but thought the above might give ideas for getting the store busier.  hth

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