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Money Mavens
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non profit credit counselling  Actions...
Posted: by Olivia on Sat. 30 Jun., 2012 at 3:41:44 PM

I find myself overwhelmed with debt payments, and can't seem to get caught up or ahead  - there is not enough equity in my home to re-finance things that way however, I do want to pay my debts - I have stopped using credit, what is your, if any, experience with credit counselling services that negotiate easier payments -



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be careful  Actions...
Posted: by hollywho on Tue. 3 Jul., 2012 at 7:14:03 AM
In reply to: Olivia "non profit credit counselling"
  In my area we have a counselling centre that offers not only psychological therapy but credit counselling.  It is a non profit organization and charge by a sliding scale.  I would try to find one of those first as I here some of these "credit counselling" services are rip offs.

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provincial credit counseling  Actions...
Posted: by rusel on Wed. 4 Jul., 2012 at 3:46:20 PM
In reply to: Olivia "non profit credit counselling"
That's good that you've stopped using your credit cards.  If you go to credit counseling, they usually make sure you stop living off credit, which is really debt, and they help you to live on a budget that is within your income and includes paying your debts.  The trouble with refinancing your home (I know you said you don't have the equity) is that most people then don't change their spending habits, and their debt is just spread out even longer over the life of the mortgage.

Most provinces have a not-for-profit credit counseling office that can help you.  I would start there.  You should be able to find yours by going to Yellow Pages or 'googling'; just give them a call. 

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>.<  Actions...
Posted: by unrehearsed on Thu. 30 Aug., 2012 at 10:12:31 AM
In reply to: Olivia "non profit credit counselling"

I took out a line of credit against our house (through BMO).   My husband has credit card and gambling debts. Just recently he decided to self exclude himself from OLG slots.  It's good he could come to that decision on his own. But it doesn't solve the problem itself. He obviously has issues that neither he nor I understand.  The self exclusion program includes community counselling services.  Hopefully he can get the proper assistance to help him work out his issues. Much of his habits are his choice to accept, understand and change -- he has to eventually recognize that. Hope my 2 cents was helpful.

Good luck!


  Life, what is it but a dream? ~ Lewis Carroll 

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