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Do these things help?  Actions...
Posted: by vibrantgirl on Wed. 21 Mar., 2012 at 10:10:25 PM
My bf has started taking medications to reduce/eliminate nicotine cravings, and says the only time now he feels like smoking is when he drinks.

So, he bought these 'air' cigarettes, that you can inhale and they give off a puff.

I'm skeptical about this, because to me the gestures/behaviours associated with a habit have to be extinguished (no pun intended!) too, otherwise, everytime he drinks a beer, he will get that physical need to be holding a cigarette.
In that case, I think it is better to resist the temptation until it goes away, vs. substituting a very similiar (yet this is non-lethal) habit.

Any thoughts on this?  

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I've seen other people using electronic devices...  Actions...
Posted: by TheCoho on Thu. 22 Mar., 2012 at 2:33:33 PM
In reply to: vibrantgirl "Do these things help?"

As  you say, the electronic cigarette is non-lethal (well, so far as we know but the fact that it isn't easily available in Canada makes me wonder what isn't being said) and a better alternative to real cigarettes.

Re subsituting similar behaviours...I quit cold turkey with no medications to help me through the early days and what helped me was "pretend smoking" of cinammon sticks and similar cigarette shaped devices. I say if whatever your bf is doing to not smoke is helping him in the early days then leave him to it.

Drinking is, apparently, a huge trigger for quitters in the early stages. Can you persuade your bf to give up his beer until he has worked out how to deal with the behaviours associated with that routine?


Coho salmon are prized for their excellent fighting abilities and acrobatics

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hi Coho  Actions...
Posted: by vibrantgirl on Thu. 22 Mar., 2012 at 6:58:24 PM
In reply to: TheCoho "I've seen other people using electronic devices..."
Thanks--that is interesting to know you also used a "pretend smoke" and didn't feel the need after the early days.  It is early days still, I think.  Drinking, and his workplace, which has a lot of smokers at it, are the two triggers.  I don't know if I can persuade him to give up the beer entirely, as that is his de-stressor after a hard week of labour, and he drinks in moderation, but I think it is worth mentioning that it might help to break the habit better.

Thanks again!

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Hi again...  Actions...
Posted: by TheCoho on Thu. 22 Mar., 2012 at 10:49:22 PM
In reply to: vibrantgirl "hi Coho"
I wanted to add that in the early days I avoided coffee Cry(huge trigger for me) and stayed away from places which I associated with smoking. I didn't really have to stay away from smokers because I think I was the only one left in my groups of friends who smoked.

Gradually, I was able to drink a cup of coffee without feeling any kind of craving for a cigarette...and boy! does the coffee ever taste good!!! Interestingly, I drink much less coffee now...some days, none at all.

I'd let your bf "feel his way" through this process. Quitting nicotine is like quitting any other addiction. I didn't even want to talk about it much in the early days mainly because talking about my quit made me think about cigarettes! But! I can do it now!


Coho salmon are prized for their excellent fighting abilities and acrobatics

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yeah, I studied addiction in college  Actions...
Posted: by vibrantgirl on Fri. 23 Mar., 2012 at 9:00:37 PM
In reply to: TheCoho "Hi again..."
and that's what I remembered, that you have a much better chance at success if you stay away from activities that are linked to the behaviour.  That's why I wondered about the 'fake' cigarette, and the drinking.  

But, like you say, it is up to him to figure out what works.

Thanks for your input TheCoho :) 

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