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discount for cash  Actions...
Posted: by sueabc on Wed. 11 Jul., 2012 at 1:18:50 PM
Was going to post in Travel, but decided it's not especially travel related.  I just booked a trip and was offered a 2% discount if I sent a cheque, rather than putting it on the credit card.  It's not really an all-inclusive holiday, though most things are included as it's an adventure type trip, so is not cheap.  We've done similar trips and have used this company before.  They started offering 2% discount for cash (cash = cheque) after we last used them.  So, yes, I happily mailed off a cheque to get the 2% discount. 

In a few stores I've been offered a discount for cash/cheque, but not recently.  It seems it used to be more common, but I suppose you could ask for it.  Companies pay to accept a credit card, so it makes sense they should pass on the discount to the customer.  My credit card doesn't give me 2% in value in points, I think it's closer to 0.5%, so the discount on this vacation was a good deal.  Anyone ever get a discount for paying cash for a vacation or anything else?

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I will remember to try this...  Actions...
Posted: by TheCoho on Wed. 11 Jul., 2012 at 2:47:45 PM
In reply to: sueabc "discount for cash"
In the past, both in Canada and in Europe, I have "bargained" in shops to get a lower price. In Europe I would have been using cash because they make you quite aware there that it costs them for you to use your credit card! I generally only start asking for a lower price here if I see that the goods I want are damaged in some way and I've managed anywhere from 10 to 15% off.


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A few times  Actions...
Posted: by MsGinny on Wed. 11 Jul., 2012 at 6:36:09 PM
In reply to: sueabc "discount for cash"

In a single type store (i.e. not a chain) I have asked if there is a discount if I pay cash. The items were over the $50. mark. I saved the tax both times. They took a discount of the tax off the item before charging it.  It is worth it to ask. Usually when they are not busy or other customers around is the best time.

I haven't had anyone ask me for cash or cheque though to save money.

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their policy  Actions...
Posted: by sueabc on Wed. 11 Jul., 2012 at 6:57:58 PM
In reply to: MsGinny "A few times"
I think they asked because it's now the policy for this company to give 2% for cash.   They'll be the better off, as usually they pay more than 2% to the charge card companies (varies for each company). It's a good deal for the customer though, since these are not cheap trips and if you're paying for a family, it's a large amount, so the 2% is significant.

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good policy  Actions...
Posted: by margab on Thu. 12 Jul., 2012 at 7:26:12 AM
In reply to: sueabc "discount for cash"
It would be nice if more companies offered that discount, as many are being hurt by the ever increasing cost of accepting credit cards.  So, it's to their advantage, so long as the cheque clears.  A few years ago when buying furniture that came to a few K$ I asked if it would be cheaper to pay cash, and was given a discount. It would be nice if it were just their policy, even if it were just for items over $1K or something like that.

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trips and insurance  Actions...
Posted: by peachykeen on Fri. 13 Jul., 2012 at 11:21:14 AM
In reply to: sueabc "discount for cash"

The reason why a lot of people like to pay for a trip with a credit card is that they have insurance included on their credit card.  Depending on the card you carry, it may be Trip Cancellation insurance, Trip Interruption insurance as well as medical insurance while abroad.

Not to mention that if your travel supplier goes bankrupt - the credit card provider will credit you back.  If you live in Ontario or provinces with provincial funds, you can make claims through those funds for funds lost but it takes AGES to get a refund.

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insurance  Actions...
Posted: by sueabc on Fri. 13 Jul., 2012 at 1:46:38 PM
In reply to: peachykeen "trips and insurance"
That's a good point!  My no-fee credit card has insurance for items bought, but not for travel.  We take out family insurance once a year for $a-hundred-and-something for medical, cancellation, interruption, etc. and it covers all of us for any number of trips, together or separate.  Due to the nature of the trip mentioned, they need to see that you have insurance.  Obviously not everyone will take up the company on the 2%, but I thought it was a nice option that saves us quite a bit of money.  

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