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fitness & sport
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How often does your guy workout?  Actions...
Posted: by Chatelaine_Team on Fri. 15 Jun., 2012 at 11:46:20 AM
In your relationship, who exercises more? Do you try to motivate each other?

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Never  Actions...
Posted: by Koda on Fri. 15 Jun., 2012 at 1:44:26 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"
seem my guy workout! He likes to garden though, so I leave that all for him. He used to play hockey in his younger days but always came home injured. He will come on walks & hikes with my dog & I on the weekends. He will also walk to transit on good weather days, it's about 20 minutes. Really, he's been a workaholic so that always came first. Of course it's never too late to start & I encourage him all the time. 

My son, on the other hand is being trained by his best bud, who's whipping him into shape, so they head to the gym whenever they can. 

Ha, ha, forgot to add that I've always enjoyed working out, whether it be a fitness class, walking or swimming, despise running though! I don't really go to the gym, really prefer group classes.
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edited Fri. 15 Jun., 2012 @ 1:45:57 PM by Koda
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daily  Actions...
Posted: by sueabc on Fri. 6 Jul., 2012 at 6:45:25 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"
We both enjoy many activities and like an active life style, so it's not really a matter of one motivating the other as we both enjoy being active.   Often we'll do stuff together, whether it's a walk, bike ride, skiing or snow shoeing or work out at the gym.  We chose to live in an area that is walk-friendly so the kids can grow up in a non-car environment as much as possible. We like being able to walk to most places.

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every day  Actions...
Posted: by a.doll on Sun. 22 Jul., 2012 at 4:09:22 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"

We lead very active lives.  Our work is extremely physical and we work together so you could say we motivate each other daily.



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Daily...  Actions...
Posted: by mdinbc on Wed. 25 Jul., 2012 at 5:21:42 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"

When he found he had high cholesterol and blood pressure at the age of 40 (hereditary), he really ramped up a good lifestyle. He excercises every morning and eats heart healthy foods.

I wish I had the discipline he does! I try to work out at least 3 x  per week, and get in walks in between.


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We're about the same....  Actions...
Posted: by Marsha on Tue. 31 Jul., 2012 at 7:59:08 AM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"
Because it's summer, I now have way more time to work out but during the year, he's far more organized and goes to the gym 3 mornings a week, early, before work which is something I just couldn't manage, even though the gym is quite close to where I work (but having to shower, fix my hair, etc. means I'd have to be at the gym at 4 a.m.!)  But we also have "gym dates" on the weekend and, now that I've got him hooked on Body Pump, one or 2 afternoons (5 pm-ish) a week.  The benefit to that is that it's over the dinner hour but once we're done class, neither one of us is very hungry so if we eat at all, it's something like yogurt with fresh fruit or a salad with  a bit of protein or we might pick up and share a veggie sub.  And, yes, we sure do motivate one another.

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Motivation  Actions...
Posted: by weisz1212 on Fri. 14 Sep., 2012 at 1:39:40 AM
In reply to: Marsha "We're about the same...."
In order to exercise in an effective way, motivation is very important for individuals. Motivation can play a big role in working out effectively. I usually try to motivate my fiancee for losing some weight and that really helps her a lot.

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while we both  Actions...
Posted: by Simply_Trying on Fri. 14 Sep., 2012 at 9:07:52 AM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"

belong to a gym, my biggest work out is mental work to get DH to go.  He does work 12 hour shifts and on his days off , working out is not his priority ...When he notices that I am truly annoyed at him he will be good and be consistant for about a month then it`s back to taking it easy...  It is extremelly important for him to work out and burn "sugar"  as he is type 2 diabetic and at 52, has had kidney failure 3 years ago.
He also eats good because I make sure of it but given the chance he goes straight to his junk food.  It`s frustrating .

I am also selfish when it comes to work outs...When I go to the gym, I do not like to make it a gym date.  If we happen to go at the same time, I take my own vehicle. DH likes to put in 20 minutes and then feels he did enough , then I feel guilty making him wait. So now I do my own work out and he does his own thing. I need the work outs myself and like to go 4-5 times a week for 1 hor to 1.5 hour and often follow it with some pool time so taking seperate vehicles is better on the marriage.

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About the same  Actions...
Posted: by shutterbug on Thu. 20 Sep., 2012 at 6:13:18 PM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"
He works out 3 times a week, and gets his dog out for exercise twice daily, everyday.
I workout 2 times a week, and get my dogs out twice daily, most everyday.
I think it's great that we share an interest in keeping fit and staying healthy, and we encourage one another on this path!

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In my  Actions...
Posted: by crazycatlady58 on Wed. 10 Oct., 2012 at 9:49:39 AM
In reply to: Chatelaine_Team "How often does your guy workout?"
relationship, we work out 5 days a week with weights, and I also throw in a cardio class on a Saturday morning on occasion. It is awesome!!
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

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