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tooth - 2 months later  Actions...
Posted: by ABmom99 on Thu. 2 Aug., 2012 at 11:39:20 PM

In early June I posted about the news I had about tooth requiring a root canal - insurance will cover that, but not the crown if needed which is a strong potential as the tooth having the root canal would very possibly break or crumble. Crown costs about the same or more as the root canal (11-1200 each). So... I opted to wait & see. Appointment for root canal that dentist deemed emergency was a couple weeks ago... other option is to pull tooth.... I cancelled the appointment as infection seemed cleared up & tooth not bothering me - remaining a functional molar - no pain, no breaking etc.

So... today (Thursday before our long weekend) its now bothering me - not as bad as 2 months ago - but sore, like there's something stuck in it that I can't get out.  Monday we're flying out for vacation of a week... that means IF I can get into an emergency appointment tomorrow I'll be having the tooth extracted. Just how I want to start our vacation time Undecided not - but I figure that's better than trying to wait it out & winding up in worse trouble next week while we're away - finding a dentist there or suffering in awful pain.  We're flying out to Vancouver Island for a week to visit oldest ds - all the details reserved - tix on air miles, hotel & rental car booked.  Poop....

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been there  Actions...
Posted: by Koda on Fri. 3 Aug., 2012 at 10:18:35 AM
In reply to: ABmom99 "tooth - 2 months later"
done that. Last year I had a root canal (same thing, infection) & my dentist broke the tooth next to it, anyways I went back & he sort of fixed it. Of course, a week before I was flying to Mexico the tooth was wiggling around, ugh. So my husband's dentist managed to fit me in for a look, then on the Friday I had the tooth pulled. Flew to Mexico on Saturday with a swollen sore mouth & couldn't really drink or eat much for a couple of days. I somehow managed a few frozen drinks there without using a straw, lol! Thank goodness I got in & had it pulled because they found an infection inside which would've exploded on the plane. I had a couple of stitches & a prescription mouth rinse to use, all was good.

My teeth seem to be an never ending saga right now, had a root canal & two fillings replaced 3 weeks ago , crown was done on Tuesday, back again next Thursday for 3 more replacement fillings. I'm hoping that will all go smoothly. Anyways, I have remained with my husband's dentist, who is downtown, but what a great dentist & I should've switched over years ago. 

You will probably feel a lot better after having the tooth removed, the pain will be gone!

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. — Simone Weil

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thanks, Koda  Actions...
Posted: by ABmom99 on Fri. 3 Aug., 2012 at 12:49:57 PM
In reply to: Koda "been there"

I got up early this morning to make the dental appointment. Surprise!!! my dentist's office along with most of the others are closed today. Monday is the stat holiday here 'Heritage Day'... so it seem mine as well as other offices make it a 4 day weekend. Today is NOT a holiday.  A few of the offices answering machines indicated as well that summer hours are Mon-Thursday all summer, making every weekend at least a 3 day weekend.   Angry  A couple offices I did get an actual person apologetically explained they were booked solid & no chance of me getting in today.

However, I called our pharmacy where I got the anti-biotic prescription filled 2 months ago, explained the situation & I can go pick up a refill on that later today.  Rules for pharmacists changed in Alberta July 1 this year - so pharmacists now have ability to prescribe meds now where they didn't in past.  Thumb up After I read your response above Koda about the potential for high altitude causing the infection pocket to explode really got me going. I want this cleared up!!! When we get back I'll get into dentist asap.

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oh no  Actions...
Posted: by Koda on Fri. 3 Aug., 2012 at 3:26:37 PM
In reply to: ABmom99 "thanks, Koda"
bad luck, yes get in as soon as possible. The dental assistant showed me the infection pocket, even though it looked really small to me, could've caused a huge problem. I had done a round of antibiotics as well & this tooth wasn't causing me any pain. 

Good luck & have fun on your trip. 

(long weekend here too, BC Day)
Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. — Simone Weil

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Bummer  Actions...
Posted: by flowerpot on Sat. 4 Aug., 2012 at 3:16:11 PM
In reply to: ABmom99 "tooth - 2 months later"
Big time bummer!  Gee ABmom, what a shame that had to come back at such a bad time for you.  I hope the antibiotics keeps it feeling OK until you can get it dealt with.  Teeth seem to be a real pain (no pun intended) your whole life.
Getting past the tooth, I hope you have a great holiday with your son!

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My experience  Actions...
Posted: by Gloria on Sun. 21 Oct., 2012 at 3:19:57 PM
In reply to: ABmom99 "tooth - 2 months later"

5 years ago I had an emergency root canal, and crown done on a molar (#36). 

Last fall I had pain in the root canal tooth, & bad infection.  I mean bad, and I felt terrible for months.  Dentist said he could re-do the root canal or pull.  Pain went away after being on antibiotics, so I let it slide. 
6 months later, more pain, and tooth was hitting hard.  I decided to start off with a new dentist.  He said it was hitting hard because the tooth was again badly infected, and it was pushing the tooth up.  The infection was so bad that I have bone loss, he showed me the x-ray with dark spot on the jaw bone.  He referred me to an endodontist, who saw me the next day, who found that the tooth had a broken root, it did not show up on the x-ray, so he used a microscope and put a pick in that caught on the crack, so there was nothing else to do but extract the tooth.  More antibiotics.   May 1st, I was referred to have the tooth pulled, and had to be put under.  More antibiotics. Cost me $760.00 upfront, but my insurance coverd $670, so $90. out of pocket.  I miss my tooth still after 6 months :-(

Research I found that most root canals do not last more than 10 yrs btw.  If I had to do it over again, I would not have had the root canal done in the first place, it would not be worth the pain, bone loss, being on so many antibiotics and $$. 



Change your opinions, keep to your principles
                     Change your leaves, keep intact your roots


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Yikes!  Actions...
Posted: by ABmom99 on Mon. 22 Oct., 2012 at 12:02:03 PM
In reply to: Gloria "My experience"
I don't 'like' your post! that's nasty what  you've gone through. I have a cleaning appointment next week so will decide what to do then.  Tooth felt so much better after the Aug. antibiotics I didn't go back like I planned with my post above. I'm still leaning to having it pulled out... its just that '... eww... I don't wanna' mode - if I ignore it it will go away...' but I know that's not true & will have to do something.

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You just know...  Actions...
Posted: by flowerpot on Mon. 22 Oct., 2012 at 8:48:54 PM
In reply to: ABmom99 "Yikes!"
...that it will come back to haunt you the next time you have something special planned. CensoredWeepingWink

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